When running events, remember the multiplier effect

Outsource blog: When running events, remember the multiplier effectThere have been many analogies for “the multiplier effect”.  Pushing a flywheel; riding a rollercoaster; the list goes on.  The premise of the multiplier effect is that the impact of any addition of a marketing element or channel will have a multiplier effect after a certain number of repetitions.

We have been noticing the multiplier effect at a couple of event series we have been running over the last few months.  Our attendance numbers keep increasing, no many how many times we run it.

My initial thoughts on the reason for this is that running multiple events creates a sense of demand, and piques people’s interest.  However, as we all know, time is limited, and by providing multiple opportunities to attend event people who are interested will accept as soon as they are free.

Recently I was invited to an event I was extremely interested in attending however with only two dates on offer I wasn’t able to attend, if the event was run regularly I would attend as soon as I am available.

In addition, word of mouth about the events spread, creating the multiplier effect mentioned above.

It’s important not to underestimate the effectiveness of events in your marketing tool kit.  There’s nothing like meeting face-to-face and providing value to help build relationships in B2B world.  It’s easy to do social media and whitepapers etc but don’t forget that events help tie everything together nicely.