Time to walk the walk, not talk the talk

Outsource blog: Time to walk the walk not talk the talkJanuary is a great time to look at things with fresh eyes. I know I have been doing this not only for clients but also in my own business.

  • What are we currently doing?
  • What is delivering results?
  • What should we improve?
  • What’s our strategic goal for the year ahead?
  • Is what we’re doing now contributing to that goal or distracting us from the things that can contribute to that goal?
  • Do we have the right people, in the right seats on our bus?
  • Have we given those people the right tools to help them succeed?

Like so many businesses sometimes we have great ideas and then stop ourselves from executing them well. Other times we execute things brilliantly but at the end of the day those aren’t the things that really matter to the business.

So what should you be thinking about to kick off 2011?

How am I going to keep my people moving in the right direction?

For me, I use quarterly themes. This reminds people about what is important, gives us a platform to provide meaningful training, mentoring, tips and goals.

How am I going to attract people to our business – that’s clients, partners and potential employees?

Media relations, social media, marketing, events….these things all remind people about your amazing business and the work you do for people. The best comment I’ve heard so far this year was a prospective client who said “You guys are really ‘out there’!” Excellent!

Are your prospective clients, partners and employees seeing you as ‘out there’?

Who are you talking to? Is your marketing database in great condition, mostly OK or non-existent? Remember data is living – it changes all the time, bounces, return to senders etc are constant reminders to do something to improve the health of your data.

How are you talking to them?

Are you doing a newsletter? Does your newsletter look like it was developed in the 1990’s – worse yet, was it developed in the 1990’s? Is a traditional newsletter still the best way for you to reach your audience? Is blogging something you should consider as an alternative?

What are your distribution channels for your communications? Are you encircling people and providing them information online, on emails, via LinkedIn, Twitter? Where do your targets find news and information and connect with people? Are you there?

There are so many exciting things to think about!

Have a great 2011!