Want more traffic to your website? The answer’s black and white

Want more traffic to your website? The answer’s black and whiteRecently the digital marketing industry has had some significant changes, as Google confirmed the rollout of Penguin 4.0.

This latest iteration of the company’s web spam filter is the first update in two years of the algorithm that was launched in April 2012 as a means to prevent website owners from artificially elevating their Google search ranking by using methods such as keyword stuffing or spamming, which are in violation of Google’s guidelines.

The methodologies Google employs to determine when a website has engaged in such tactics to promote their site in the search rankings are a closely guarded secret, for the obvious reason of preventing sites from circumventing them, but given that there are several hundred factors dedicated to this within Google’s core algorithm, even if those elements were public knowledge, it would still be difficult to avoid their scrutiny.

So what’s different about the latest Penguin algorithm and how will it affect you?

Well, whereas previously if you had too many links with the same anchor text (known as over optimisation) you now only lose rankings for that keyword/s and related phrases, rather that receiving a site-wide devaluing penalty, provided the rest of your backlink profile is fine.

Similarly, if your ratio of non-relevant links is too high, only the pages those links are pointing to and the anchor text used would be devalued, rather than the entire site.

For companies that want to increase their organic traffic we suggest the following three steps.

  1. Focus on the on-site optimisation of your landing pages. Get the page title, meta description and heading tags setup in accordance with the keyword you are trying to rank for
  2. Build high-quality backlinks from high page-ranking websites. News outlets are perfect for this. Engaging in media relations support is an excellent way to achieve this
  3. Remember content is king so your blogs or whitepapers need to be high-quality and engaging pieces. Other websites will be more inclined to link back to your website, creating organic backlinks.

It’s important that website owners consider their digital marketing properly and build a solid reputation for themselves in the marketplace are less likely to be usurped in the rankings by less scrupulous operators.

At Outsource, we welcome this too, as part of our core offering as a digital agency is to help organisations build their online presence and reputation and drive traffic to their website, so anything that helps those who market themselves the right way while penalising those who try to promote their business using nefarious means can only be a good thing.