Why is B2B content marketing important for your business?

B2B content marketing

Creating a content marketing strategy for your B2B business is easy and comes with many benefits. If you want to find out what content marketing is, the types of content marketing you can use, how you can use it in the B2B space, and the benefits you’ll reap from your efforts, read on.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain the attention of your target audience, helping to acquire leads.

Producing valuable and uniquely curated content that educates, informs, or piques the interest of your target audience and encourages them to respond to your call to action is invaluable. Whether your aim is to grow your database by asking for prospects details when they download your content, motivating them to click the ‘contact us’ link on your website, or increasing brand awareness by sharing your content on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. A well thought out content marketing strategy can help you achieve it all.

Types of B2B content marketing and how to use them

Content used in this form of marketing spans beyond white papers, blog posts and case studies. Interactive B2B content possibilities are only as limited as your imagination, and budget. Before you choose the type of content you are going to create consider your ideal customer profile, where you will be promoting the content, and the outcome you want to achieve. Having a plan in place before you start will ensure you get the results you want from your content marketing.

Infographics are an easy way to create visual content. They’re one of the most accessible and shareable forms of content, that can be distributed across social B2B platforms like LinkedIn. B2B marketers can use infographics as a means of conveying the story behind their services in a visually appealing way.

Best for: numbers and figures


If you want to give your audience content that is more in-depth than a white paper, then ebooks are a good option. Ideally, substantial content such as ebooks would be used as ‘gated content’ on your site. This means people will have to enter their contact details before downloading the ebook, growing your mailing list for email marketing. An ebook can be used as the core for your content marketing, once you have this in place you can easily create supporting collateral such as blog posts around it.

Best for: complex ideas, thought leadership

One of the best characteristics of webinars is that they can either be live or pre-recorded. If pre-recorded they are available 24/7. In a live environment they are great for interacting with customers. They’re an efficient way to get your message across to your audience in a tutorial or Q&A format, if you have the right audience and the right content.

Best for: educational material

For more interactive content ideas to use in your B2B content marketing strategy see our previous blog post on generating B2B leads.

How to get started with content marketing

Starting a content marketing strategy that fits in with your B2B business is simpler than you might think. From starting a blog on your website, to building your presence on professional social media site LinkedIn. If content marketing is something that is new to your company, hiring a specialist B2B marketing consultant to assist you can improve your results. Using the services of a B2B marketing agency who can assist with part of the process, or manage it for you from start to finish, means you benefit from their insight and experience on successful strategies and current trends.

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