How to generate more B2B leads: five types of interactive content to try

How to generate more leads with interactive content

B2B tech audiences love interactivity. For a decade or more, they’ve been on starvation diet of whitepapers, fact sheets and case studies. If any market was ripe for an interactive content marketing makeover, it’s B2B tech audiences.

Digital Transformation for IT Sellers

Digital Transformation for IT Sellers

By Kit Craig, Channel Consulting Director

Last week I read an excellent article by Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer at, about Goldman Sachs’ new consumer lending business.

The article is an interview with Goldman’s CIO, Martin Chavez, who talks about having to compete with small, agile, ‘born-in-the-cloud’ lending companies. To compete, Goldman Sachs has to play the born-in-the-cloud game, embracing cloud services and open source software to be a “fintech start-up with 147 years of experience”.

There are four profound lessons in this that IT vendors and their channel partners should be taking to heart, especially those targeting enterprise customers.


Want more traffic to your website? The answer’s black and white

Want more traffic to your website? The answer’s black and whiteRecently the digital marketing industry has had some significant changes, as Google confirmed the rollout of Penguin 4.0.

This latest iteration of the company’s web spam filter is the first update in two years of the algorithm that was launched in April 2012 as a means to prevent website owners from artificially elevating their Google search ranking by using methods such as keyword stuffing or spamming, which are in violation of Google’s guidelines.READ MORE ›