What really drives your channel performance? A history lesson for IT vendors

How selling your sofa could help with your B2B sales strategy

By Kit Craig, Channel Consulting Director

Outsource regularly works with IT vendors struggling to maximise channel sales. Usually, according to the vendor, the technology they sell is red hot and should be flying out of their distributor’s warehouse (or the cloud, as the case may be).

Six ways to help partners activate their marketing development fund allocation

Outsource blog: Six ways to help partners activate their marketing development fund allocationIt can be a constant challenge for vendors to use their marketing development fund (MDF) effectively. Ideally, partners who are eligible for MDF allocations apply for funds of their own volition in a timely manner and use them efficiently and effectively to build pipeline and increase sales for the quarter. The reality is that partners often leave MDF on the table.


Why resellers don’t use vendor marketing funds – inside the last mile mystery

When I speak to vendor channel marketing managers a common theme typically comes up.  It’s the fact that many resellers don’t apply for their eligible MDF.

Usually the same conversation comes up. “Partner X has accrued marketing funds, or is eligible for marketing support, but we just can’t get them to apply.”

This issue is often accompanied by additional concerns.


Secrets to channel success: Understanding the critical success factors of high performance channels

If you sell via the channel then you know how difficult it can be to find, build, manage, motivate and maintain your reseller base.

That’s why Outsource has partnered with channel consulting and training firm, Channel Dynamics, to deliver a lunch-time seminar program aimed directly at channel marketers and managers.

In this 1.5 hour presentation guest speaker, Moheb Moses one of Australia’s leading IT channel consultants and trainers, will explain the critical elements of creating and managing a high performance channel in today’s competitive and fragmented ICT market.


Surprise events – a recipe for disaster

One of the things fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can teach B2B marketers to do better is research.

When your business focuses on creating and then moving millions of units into market, the stakes are high if you get it wrong.  Not only can your brand take a very visible hit, your bottom line can take a beating too.  A warehouse full of products no-one wants is a financial disaster by any measure.


Why events-based marketing is still one of the best sales programs you can run

What other marketing activities do you know of that gives you an opportunity to bring prospects into your world for an hour or two (or longer) and be completely engaged with you at the exclusion of all else? 

They do sound more compelling when you say it like that, and of course many companies do try to run events as part of their marketing program, but often with mixed results.


Websites – the forgotten sales hurdle

Outsource blog: Websites the forgotten sales hurdleIt’s not a big surprise that you’re supposed to have a website these days. In fact, there’s probably not a business in Australia that doesn’t have some kind of web page.

However, having an ordinary site (and no-one is saying ours is a work of art) can really kill a sale when you sell high involvement products and services.


Appalled by “Do Not Call”

Ever wanted to travel back in time? Do you hanker for the nostalgia of the 70s, 60s or even those golden retro years of the 50s? Do you feel that Australia should be transported back to those “good old days”?

Well, 2010 may provide you with that opportunity, with the latest Bill to amend the current Do Not Call Register legislation, which means it will be extended to cover unsolicited calls to business.

So why does it take us back in time? Well, should this amendment pass Australia will be the ONLY country in the world where businesses will NOT be able to call other businesses to conduct business other than by post. That’s right. Businesses, and the economy, will be dragged back to the dark ages of communications, hamstrung from using all modern forms of communication with prospects and even potentially clients!