Change communication

The delivery of an on-time, on-specification IT project alone doesn’t always result in a happy customer.

Managing end-user and project-sponsor expectations effectively is often just as critical for achieving project sign-off.

Including a professional change communication program in your IT project bid shows you understand the importance of keeping the organisation engaged as implementation takes place.

It also reduces your risk of scope creep and payment disputes if there are misaligned expectations at the project end.

Outsource can help you de-risk IT projects and improve customer engagement by:

  • Delivering a communication program on a fixed-price, fixed-scope basis within your tender response.
  • Creating and curating content to feed into your existing program.
  • Training and supporting project leaders to improve communication skills.
  • Building email templates and intranet sites.

Most IT projects are only deemed a success if the users they impact are happy with the result and use the new technology as it was intended.

If you want your next IT project to include a change communication program then Outsource can assist.

Our services include:

  • set price programs for easy inclusion in your bids and tenders
  • content and editorial calendar creation to support project milestones
  • feedback monitoring to keep sentiment positive and stakeholder engagement high
  • teaching IT project leaders to communicate better with client stakeholders
  • content and template creation for use in your program.