Fund My Growth

Vendor market development funds (MDF) are a mixed blessing. Used effectively, MDF can help you fund activities that drive new business.

However, the challenges of meeting the conditions attached to MDF and finding the time and expert resources required to implement a campaign can be onerous. This is why we created Fund My Growth.

Outsource’s Fund My Growth program can help you:

  • Design best-practice campaigns to meet vendor funding requirements.
  • Execute vendor-compliant campaigns and provide required reporting.
  • Interface with vendors to access campaign assets and tools.
  • Improve your standing with vendors who want you to leverage their funds.

Vendor funds can be a great tool for amplifying your marketing budget. However, they come with conditions and you need time and marketing resources to use them effectively.

Most vendors and distributors are very open to their partners putting forward professional, well planned lead generation programs – in fact they usually welcome it.

Outsource can help you make the most of vendor co-operative marketing funds or market development funds by:

  • building compliant activities that your vendor partners will be happy to approve
  • executing programs on your behalf, ensuring you’re not distracted from core business.
  • consulting and working with you to help build your own marketing experience
  • supporting the compliance reporting and vendor discussions after campaign completion
  • offering campaign ideas and programs that are proven in the B2B IT market.