Service creation

Hardware is largely commoditised and business software sales are moving to a subscription-based model. That means tight margins and fierce competition.

One way to overcome this is by being services-led and offering solutions based on your processes, skills and experience.

It sounds good in practice but where do you start?

Outsource can help you:

  • Unbundle your business processes to identify new services.
  • Map your customers’ journey to identify potential services.
  • Explain your services in sales and marketing collateral.
  • Reach new customers with your new value proposition.
  • Build an innovation process so you keep evolving with new customer requirements.

Creating services to bolster revenue might seem straight-forward enough in a strategy document. Doing it is another matter.

Working out what services you could or should offer, developing them and then productising them for sale can be difficult – particularly if this is a new way of going to market for you.

Outsource can help you unbundle your business processes and turn them into services, find potential new services and help you position and sell them.