Partner AdvanceTM

Many vendors and distributors struggle to place market development funds (MDF) with their partners because many partners don’t have the time or expertise to design and execute a lead-generation campaign.

Outsource’s partner activation-as-a-service, PartnerAdvanceTM solution, overcomes this issue. Included in this program is:

  • A vendor-branded, partner-facing brochure offering a wide range of compliant campaigns we build with you.
  • Personal focus on up to 20 partners per month to encourage them to participate in a campaign.
  • Full campaign execution for the partner with daily reporting.
  • Regular dashboard reports and meetings between you and Outsource, so you can track partners, leads and program outcomes.
  • A managed partner marketing hotline and email in-box to assist with queries.

Partner AdvanceTM is delivered by B2B channel marketing specialist Outsource. It helps you get more partners using more of the MDF pool (or accruals) on campaigns that generate leads.

It’s hands on campaign planning and execution support for your partners. They just need to choose campaigns from a pre-set menu (which we develop with you) and we do the rest.

Partner AdvanceTM is a channel-marketing accelerator program that delivers:

  • Measurable ROI on channel co-op/MDF spend.
  • Aggregated reporting across participating partners.
  • More consistent marketing execution by partners.