Channel partners often complain of cumbersome, quarterly-centric promotions that seem to end or change, just as they are getting up to speed.

That’s why Outsource offers its Power2SellTM solution.

Power2Sell is underpinned by a points-based system used by many vendors. It gives partners access to more than 37,000 locally-sourced reward items. It is quick to build, cloud-based and modular. That means you can execute all kinds of promotions on the fly but stay within an easy-to-use, consistent interface that your partners will love.

Power2SellTM includes:

  • Business analysis to align the system to your channel structure.
  • Project management during platform setup and customisation.
  • Design of a communication program to drive ongoing participation.
  • Promotion design and communication to partners.

If you run sales incentives and loyalty programs for business partners but want an easier, more flexible system then Power2SellTM is for you.

Power2SellTM is a flexible points-based incentive program built around a fully customisable online portal.

It offers more than 37,000* popular, quality rewards including flights, consumer electronics, luxury goods and every-day items.

Combined with our recognition and rewards consulting services Power2SellTM will:

  • Lower your administration costs.
  • Increase participation in new or existing sales campaigns.
  • Offer access to thousands of reward types in multiple categories.
  • Track, manage and communicate with partners.