Activate your channel with better partner relationship management

Many vendors focus on partner recruitment and pipeline building to establish themselves in a new market or accelerate growth. However, this can create a gap when it comes to effective partner relationship management (PRM).

Small channel sales teams can quickly become overwhelmed by manual PRM processes once a channel network starts to grow. As the number of partners in your channel expands, there is an exponential demand on your channel resources. Requests for marketing support, sales information, market development funds (MDF) and ad hoc requests scale beyond the daily capacity of most channel teams.


Why events-based marketing is still one of the best sales programs you can run

What other marketing activities do you know of that gives you an opportunity to bring prospects into your world for an hour or two (or longer) and be completely engaged with you at the exclusion of all else? 

They do sound more compelling when you say it like that, and of course many companies do try to run events as part of their marketing program, but often with mixed results.


Keep your sales pipeline full into the New Year

Why you should market to CIOs and IT managers in December and January

We all enjoy slowing down towards the end of the year.  And why not, we work hard the rest of the time and in Australia we’re blessed with a summer festive season and there’s nothing like kicking back in the sun.

The problem is that by February everyone is worrying about re-filling and re-invigorating their sales pipeline – and has to work twice as hard to get the wheels turning again.