Data best practices: seven practical tips to save money and increase marketing effectiveness

Data is the lifeblood of most organisations, yet too many organisations neglect their data until it gets to a point where the data is almost useless. Data starts to get out of control when it’s not maintained regularly. Like dishes piling up in the sink, the database gets messier and messier until it just seems too hard to fix. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Managing your data effectively can be easier than you think and the rewards include reduced costs and increased sales.


Working your data

Outsource blog: Working your dataI’m going to say this straight out – managing contact databases is hard, tedious work.  Personally I’d rather paint my house with a toothbrush.

However, like most things that are hard work, the pay off is worth it.  It’s a job that’s just got to be done.  The cost of planning, creating and executing marketing campaigns to databases that are in a bad state of repair is too high to ignore.  It’s not just the cost of running a campaign, it’s the opportunity cost of failing to reach the people who could or should be interested in what you have to tell them.


Lost before they began – the intern trap

Outsource blog: Lost before they began – the intern trapI get approached by eager young things looking for an internship pretty much every day. Now, without sounding too self-absorbed I do run a business, I do have a couple of children and I do live in Sydney where the daily commute is enough to make your blood boil – on a good day. And I know I’m not alone when it comes to other agency owners. We’re all under the pump.

Then, in comes an email or a letter from a bright, cheery intern enquiring about the chance to work with us.


Are newsletters helping or hindering marketing?

Outsource blog: Are newsletters helping or hindering marketing?Is your newsletter having a positive or negative impact on your email marketing database? Do people ‘refer-a-friend’ when they get your newsletter, or unsubscribe?

I am sent many online newsletters and am consistently amazed – and not in a good way. What has clearly started as a great communications initiative from an organisation has somehow ended up as boring mush that appeals to no one by the time it appears on my screen.

Here are some tips for improving the chance of having your newsletter read.