Is your channel message consistent?

What Google's new changes to Gmail mean for email marketingA few weeks ago I was at a software vendor’s conference where they were spruiking the benefits of being a partner. The whole pitch was around being a services-lead business: how your business acumen and technical know-how will give the end customer the confidence to let you guide them on their IT journey, during which you can deliver best-in-class products as part of a total solution. There was lots of talk about consultancy selling and managed services.


10 reasons why resellers aren’t your sales team

10 reasons why resellers aren’t your sales teamBy Kit Craig, Channel Consulting Director

In her excellent e-book “Channel Strategy & Marketing . . . for the Rest of Us” Jacqueline Franklin makes the observation, “A thriving channel is a business imperative for any company that wants to scale. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to name one billion dollar company that doesn’t use indirect channels.

“Many companies in the B2B technology market … with a formidable direct sales force (Oracle, EMC, etc.) … [concede] that they needed additional logistical and services capacity, especially if they wanted to reach the mid-market. Indirect channels, in other words, are critical to growth and are here to stay.”


Are resellers customers of vendors?

By Kit Craig, Channel Consulting Director

Finding questions you can answer with a “definite maybe” is one of my great joys in life. However, whether vendors should treat resellers as customers is definitely not one of these questions. There’s no “maybe” about it; resellers are not vendor customers, definitely.

At the top level my view is simple: customers buy products or services for their own use; resellers on-sell products or services to someone else, usually with some added value.