Data denial

Most marketers grapple with data in all its forms every day. 

It’s flooding in from multiple sources in every organisation and it’s not getting easier to work with – in spite of the rise of marketing automation, salesforce automation, customer relationship management and financial management software.   AI and machine learning will add to the noise, generating more data and insights which need to be assessed and used or discarded depending on the context.

The dangers of driving audiences to social media properties rather than your own website

Outsource blog: The dangers of driving audiences to social media properties rather than your own websiteWhen I run my free, two-hour Orientation to B2B social media event every month in Sydney and Melbourne, I point out the dangers involved when companies focus on driving audiences to social media properties rather than their own websites.

There’s a simple reason for this advice. You don’t own your presence on social networks – and your pages can be taken off you, sometimes with warnings, sometimes with none. It’s a bit like building your family home on a block of land you don’t own – it’s not a good idea.


Websites – the forgotten sales hurdle

Outsource blog: Websites the forgotten sales hurdleIt’s not a big surprise that you’re supposed to have a website these days. In fact, there’s probably not a business in Australia that doesn’t have some kind of web page.

However, having an ordinary site (and no-one is saying ours is a work of art) can really kill a sale when you sell high involvement products and services.


Lost before they began – the intern trap

Outsource blog: Lost before they began – the intern trapI get approached by eager young things looking for an internship pretty much every day. Now, without sounding too self-absorbed I do run a business, I do have a couple of children and I do live in Sydney where the daily commute is enough to make your blood boil – on a good day. And I know I’m not alone when it comes to other agency owners. We’re all under the pump.

Then, in comes an email or a letter from a bright, cheery intern enquiring about the chance to work with us.