Channel administration support

If your company offers market development funds or co-operative marketing funds or similar to your channel partners, then you know the administrative workload that comes with it.

In many cases, channel administration tasks such as processing applications from partners, entering requests into internal accounting systems, and chasing up invoices and proof of campaign execution falls to channel marketing teams.

Not many channel marketers feel this is a good use of their time, or even have the time to stay on top of the process properly.

That can lead to tension between vendors and their channel partners who are waiting for funds to be reimbursed, errors in data entry which need to be detangled later (taking up more time), poor channel program compliance as rules are overlooked or bent in favour of just getting ‘something’ done, and burned-out channel marketing teams.

In some cases, poor channel administration processes can lead to partners simply not bothering to apply for available funds, which can impact vendor sales or, worst case, ending the relationship with a vendor completely if the financial impact of a poor reimbursement process is high.

Outsource offers its channel-administration-as-a-service program to IT vendors and distributors to alleviate the challenges of administering channel programs.

Our team can work on-site with your channel marketing team (depending on location) or remotely for an agreed number of hours per month completing various channel administration functions.

Working with Outsource on a monthly hours basis gives you the flexibility to scale up during busy periods, typically at the end or beginning of quarters and financial years, and to do less during quieter times.

This will free up your team to focus on channel strategy, enablement, and engagement.

Outsource’s channel administration services include:

  • receipting partner applications and providing initial validation of applications
  • liaising with partners on non-compliant applications to help them properly complete forms and access online portals or systems
  • data entry of partner records into relevant financial or channel portal systems
  • chasing partners for proof of execution documentation at campaign completion
  • completing financial reconciliations and statements and communicating with partners
  • updating partner contact information in vendor systems.