Channel strategy consulting

Choosing the right channel partners and engaging effectively is never straight-forward. Vendors and different types of channel partners have different motivations for being in business and finding the overlap is not always obvious.

Outsource’s strategy consulting practice helps you build a high-performance indirect channel by offering a range of services including:

  • routes-to-market (RTM) planning to ensure your indirect program is customer centric and effective
  • RTM design to ensure your organisation has a go-to-market process that will work for every offering
  • go-to-market workshops to align new solutions to your preferred routes-to-market
  • channel partner engagement workshops to define the best way for direct and indirect sales teams to leverage partners and drive pipeline
  • offering development and delivery to help you identify where, how and why the market will buy your new solution and ensuring your channel partners are ready to deliver it
  • offering design workshop to help you create a cross-brand offering aimed at a specific customer segment and an action plan to build it
  • channel program design to help you create an effective channel partner engagement program.


Building a high performance channel ecosystem means aligning many different moving parts to achieve a primary outcome – profit growth.

Outsource’s channel strategy services can help your organisation with channel strategy, channel strategy execution and partner business transformation. Our focus areas include:

  • routes-to-market strategy, planning and optimisation
  • offering development and channel readiness planning
  • ecosystem review, analysis and remediation strategy
  • partner program development, planning and implementation
  • channel partner business transformation services.