Data acquisition

Good data is at the heart of every marketing campaign and it can be hard to find and keep in a useable condition.

Data can age at more than 30 per cent per annum if left untouched, sometimes more in volatile industries where staff turnover is higher, which make it a constant struggle to ensure marketing campaigns continue to go to enough of the right people to have an impact.

To overcome this challenge, Outsource regularly sources campaign data from proven commercial providers for clients who have limited or unreliable lists of their own to work from.

We also build databases from desktop and phone-based research using our contact centre.

Other data services Outsource offers include:

  • marketing database audit, remediation and cleaning
  • email opt-in campaigns (using the Outsource call centre)
  • ongoing data cleaning and validation as a service
  • account profiling
  • database augmentation
  • master data process creation
  • return to sender and email fail cleaning campaigns.