Direct mail campaigns

In B2B marketing, direct mail remains a relevant channel as part of a wider marketing program. It can be particularly powerful when used in conjunction with digital marketing programs or as targeted activity aimed at senior decision makers or influencers.

Sophisticated direct mail can be used to create personal cut-through in a way that other marketing tactics sometimes can’t achieve. It can also tell a powerful story in a short period of time, succinctly communicating a brand message while also highlighting specific products and services.

Direct mail is also an effective way to improve event attendance, supplementing online activities and improving invitee recollection during attendance-driving telemarketing activities.

Custom direct mail is also regularly used as part of media engagement activities, often supporting a news announcement or invitation-only media or online influencer events.

Personal direct mail is also an effective way to welcome new customers or suppliers, supporting them with useful documentation such as handbooks, guides, manuals, point-of-sale signage, merchandise, and other critical information they will need when working with you.

Outsource can support your next direct mail program with services including:

  • concept creation
  • design and messaging
  • copywriting
  • product or merchandise sourcing
  • print management
  • direct mail production, including assembly and packaging
  • data management
  • delivery (courier or post)
  • follow-on campaign creation and execution such as email or telemarketing follow-up.