Marketing consulting and planning

The Outsource consulting team works with B2B companies that sell complex, high-value products and services and need to find new clients and keep them.

We work with professional services firms that operate in the legal, accounting, management consulting, actuarial, insurance and IT consulting among others.

We also have a long history of working with enterprise B2B IT companies (hardware, software and services).
We can:

  • create a marketing plan aligned to your business objectives
  • productise your services into saleable products
  • help you access new markets
  • make your value proposition more compelling
  • create digital inbound lead generation programs
  • help you prioritise, plan and cost marketing activities
  • execute marketing and lead generation activity.


Outsource takes a business-led approach to marketing consulting so our plans and advice aligns with what you’re actually trying to achieve in your business.
For B2B IT firms we understand the challenges and opportunities facing companies across the spectrum of the industry.
Our marketing plans can help you:

  • scale-up lead generation so you move beyond individual sales efforts
  • become a thought leader in your selected markets
  • enter a new market or sell a new solution
  • expand your digital footprint to capture more in-bound leads
  • rationalise your existing tactics to be more efficient