Social media management

There’s no doubt that social media management can be important for building a positive online community that engages with your brand on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

However, even with a clear communication plan, it can be a hard balancing act to get social media management right. This is even more true if you have limited
experience or resources dedicated to managing this real-time channel.

Many companies describe engaging on social media as both exhilarating (as they realise they can communicate with customers in whole new way, in real time) and terrifying (as they realise they can’t control often very public and frank conversations which can go anywhere).

Understanding the risks in engaging in social media and deciding if it’s even an area you should consider is still a valid question for most businesses. Likewise, understanding why an organisation is keen to roll out a social media program is also important – as sometimes the anticipated outcomes are simply not realistic.

The keys to success include:

  • making sure your social media program maps to your business and marketing objectives
  • selecting social platforms your target audiences use (if they are present at all)
  • understanding the technical capabilities of each platform
  • leveraging management tools to improve program administration efficiency
  • understanding the ‘unwritten code’ of appropriate interactions for each platform
  • posting and interacting with a consistent voice to develop trust and engagement
  • tracking and measuring results to continuously improve.


Outsource offers a range of social media management services that include:

  • auditing your brand’s exposure on existing platforms
  • social media platform training for staff
  • social media policy and guideline development
  • creating and optimising social media accounts
  • building content calendars and writing content
  • posting and responding
  • curating accounts
  • analysing engagement data and providing insights
  • identifying and managing issues.