Outsource offers a true end-to-end campaign experience for clients, from strategy and planning right through to phone interactions with prospects and customers.

This means that Outsource will recommend telemarketing only if it is the right tactic for a campaign, recommending other channels if we feel they are better suited to meeting client objectives.

For many companies telemarketing remains a valid form of business-to-business contact, particularly when part of a larger, multi-touch lead nurturing campaign that encompasses digital, events, direct mail, advertising or other channels.

Using Outsource for your telemarketing can let you move quickly and efficiently at scale, with intelligent insights and constant feedback provided as your campaign progresses.

All of our programs include some level of consultative discussion to understand campaign objectives, previous experience with telemarketing, quality of the data being supplied, and an explanation of our reporting processes, as well as ideas for script improvement.

Most campaigns are based on no less than 500 contacts, although smaller, high-value campaigns can sometimes be delivered depending on the specific campaign objectives.

Outsource employs casual telemarketers sourced from industry-specific recruitment firms. Agents are selected based on relevant industry knowledge, ability to engage effectively on the phone, and experience with the kinds of campaigns being run.

This flexible model lets Outsource focus on delivering appropriate client strategy and campaigns and not focus on keeping telemarketing work up to a permanent team of agents.

Outsource offers a range of B2B telemarketing services including:

  • event attendance driving
  • email opt-in programs
  • prospect profiling and research
  • market or product research surveys
  • customer or business partner/supplier satisfaction surveys
  • product recall inbound call management
  • licence or contract renewal reminder calls
  • lead nurture calls
  • data cleaning and validation calls
  • sales appointment setting calls (for high value, complex products and services)
  • targeted direct mail/email follow up calls.


Note: Outsource does not work on business-to-consumer telemarketing programs.