Marketing manager as-a-service

If you need help building and running campaigns but don’t want to hire a full-time resource then Outsource’s marketing manager as-a-service solution may be a good fit.

For an agreed set number of hours or budget each month, an experienced marketing account manager will work with you to build and execute a continuous marketing program – backed up by the execution team at Outsource.

Using marketing manager as-a-service means you have complete visibility and control over your marketing spend but don’t need get bogged down in the minutiae of executing plans.

You also get access to the full resources of an experienced B2B marketing agency which can scale up and down as needed to deliver campaign components using tools and systems that you’re unlikely to invest in yourself.

Outsource brings cross-industry experience, the latest knowledge on marketing tools, trends and campaigns and an expert team that will ensure marketing remains prioritised for your business and doesn’t get forgotten when you get busy.

Marketing manager as-a-service is the ideal solution for companies that:

  • aren’t ready to invest in a full-time marketing resource, but want to invest in marketing
  • want a scalable, on-tap resource that can flex to meet changing business needs
  • want a continuous focus on marketing, irrespective of other business priorities that might traditionally cause marketing to get put on the back-burner for months at a time
  • need strategy and planning that makes sense in a B2B environment
  • wants to work with a full-service agency that considers the full marketing mix and all appropriate channels and tactics.