Data denial

Are you in data denial?Are you in data denial?

Practical tips on how to give your database a proper cleanse and eliminate all of that unwanted dirty data.

It’s hard to love data. It comes from many directions and in too many formats. It can be unwieldy, of unpredictable quality and builds up at a rate that can seem insurmountable – just the name alone sounds dull.

Yet, despite it being the lifeblood of any organisation, many of our customers have confessed that their data management issues had stayed in the ‘too hard box’ until they came to us. They waited until the data was literally screaming for attention. We call this ‘data denial’ and it’s a common complaint.

With this in mind, Outsource B2B Marketing has produced a tip sheet outlining some best practices and pointers for srcubbing, washing and cleaning up your unhealthy, duplicate or otherwise dirty data.

This free tip sheet is based on our own experiences in anlaysing, reporting on and ultimately eliminating dirty data for some of Australia’s largest organisations and gives some simple advice to help you better maintain your own healthy database.

Our advice is practical and can be implemented without investment in costly software or overly involved processes. Address your own feelings of ‘data denial’ and download our tip sheet today.