Event management

Events are a compelling way to connect with customers and prospects, particularly for B2B companies.

Selling high-value, complex products and services can require a lot more interaction with potential buyers. Running relevant events can be an efficient way to explain or demonstrate more complex concepts and position your company.

Events can be targeted at different parts of the buyers journey too. Top-of-funnel events can focus on less-qualified buyers who are in the early discovery stage of a purchase, while smaller, highly-targeted events can demonstrate specific technologies or showcase existing customers to an audience that is close to making a final decision.

To be effective, events need to run well, from the initial invitation through to the post-event follow up process. Good events showcase an organisation’s professionalism, brand values and customer-centricity.

Outsource helps B2B companies run compelling events.

Unlike many event-management specialist firms, Outsource offers a complete solution with services including;

  • invitation design, copywriting and distribution
  • registration landing page design, coding, hosting and management
  • online and offline marketing campaign execution
  • tele attendance driving from our in-house call centre
  • venue, AV and catering selection and contract negotiation
  • theming and signage
  • photography and videography
  • speaker slide design and content editing
  • on-the-day event management including registration desk support
  • post-event follow up programs.


Outsource regularly runs events from invitation C-level round tables in private function rooms through to multi-city channel roadshows and larger customer events.